Applying for a property

Social landlords in Derby advertise properties to rent on Derby Homefinder.

All of these properties are allocated according to the Derby Homefinder Allocations Policy. Each week, a number of available properties are advertised. You can express interest in (bid on) up to three properties at a time. When a property advert ‘closes’, it will be offered to the highest placed, qualifying applicant on the shortlist.

Applicants are assessed using a 'banding' system that identifies people’s housing needs and sets out the sort of properties they could apply for.

Important: About refusing a property offer

If you unreasonably refuse three properties, your application will be cancelled. If you are still in housing need you will need to re-register after six months to be considered for further offers.

What is an unreasonable refusal?

The following are examples of unreasonable refusal reasons:

• you do not want to live in an area, yet have bid for a property there
• you want your own garden and have bid for a property with no garden or a communal garden
• you do not want to live in that type of property and you have bid for that property type
• you are unable, or not ready, or cannot afford to move

What happens if I'm told that applying for the Housing Register is the right housing option for me?

We will assess your completed Housing Register application form in line with our Housing Allocation Policy. We base our assessment on all of the information you give us on the application form. We will write to confirm that your application is 'active' and tell you what 'band' of housing need you have.

Setting up an email account

You need an email address to register a rehousing application on Derby Homefinder.

If you don’t have an email address, you can create one. There are lots of free email providers online. Search for, “set up a free, secure email account”.

If you’re not sure which to choose, here’s a good article to get you started: The 7 Best Free Email Accounts and Service Providers for 2019

Signing up is straightforward and you are normally guided through the process. If you need help, here are three; “how-to” videos to show you how to sign up for popular email services:

Contact us
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Housing Options
The Council House
Corporation Street

Our Housing Options Centre offers information and advice on the different ways of getting housing, including:

  • discuss your housing situation and what housing options available to you
  • ether applying through the Housing Register is the right option for you
  • applying for council housing (also called ‘social housing’)
  • renting from private landlords and other ways of getting housing
  • illegal eviction and harassment
  • landlord and tenant responsibilities
  • accommodation for older people
  • support for young people (age 16 to 18) leaving home for the first time
  • support for people who are experiencing, or at risk of, domestic violence
  • support for people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness