Applying for a property

We manage just under 13,000 council homes in Derby, including family homes, maisonettes, flats, apartments and supported accommodation.

This page contains information on how to apply for and move from your current home. There are only a limited amount of Council properties available to rent each year.  Many people wait a long time before being offered a council property.

For information on other housing options in Derby, go to the City Council's Housing - Information and Advice page.

Derby Homefinder

Derby Homefinder is the central way to apply for social housing and to get housing advice to help you find a new home.

Each week a variety of properties are advertised on Derby Homefinder. You can express interest in up to three properties at a time. When the lists ‘close’, a shortlist of applicants is drawn up for each property. Homes are then offered to the highest placed qualifying applicant. The Derby Homefinder website contains a lot more information on the allocations policy and how to bid for a property. 

How to apply for a property

Go to the Housing Options Wizard. This tool will ask you some questions and guide you through all the housing options that might be suitable for you.

If it looks like you might be suitable to join the Housing Register for Social Housing we will tell you how to book an appointment to speak to a Housing Adviser. They will talk to you about your options and if appropriate make an appointment to complete a Housing Register application.

Derby Homes tenants ONLY - after completing the Housing Wizard you can complete an online application to go on the Housing Register. Online applications from non-Derby Homes tenants are not accepted/processed.

Once your application is active, you can start searching and bidding for properties

Read more about how to use Derby Homefinder and what happens next.

Important: About refusing a property offer

If you unreasonably refuse three properties, your application will be cancelled. If you are still in housing need you will need to re-register after six months to be considered for further offers.

What is an unreasonable refusal?

The following are examples of unreasonable refusal reasons:

  • you do not want to live in an area and you have bid for a property there
  • you want your own garden and have bid for a property with no garden or a communal garden
  • you do not want to live in that type of property and you have bid for that property type
  • you are unable, or not ready, or cannot afford to move

Swapping your home

If you want to swap your council property with someone else’s property, it is called a mutual exchange.  You can only swap with another Derby Homes tenant or housing association tenant within Derby. You can also advertise a property nationally by joining the Homeswap Direct scheme.

To use the Derby Home Swap scheme you must be registered on Derby Homefinder. There is no limit on the number of bids you can place for Home Swap properties. If you have rent arrears or are causing anti-social behaviour, the mutual exchange will be withheld.

If your home, or the home you want to move to has had adaptations carried out we will need to ensure that the proposed exchange meets everyone’s needs.

Emergency re-housing

Please contact your Housing Office if there is an emergency in your home or your area and you feel you need a temporary place to stay.  The Housing Office staff will support you in resolving your situation if possible.  They will also keep you informed about when you will be able to return home.

When the Housing Office is closed please call 01332 888777 if you have an emergency.