Bidding (Expressing interest in a property)

If you decide you don’t want to live in a property before bidding has ended, you can withdraw your bid. Once withdrawn, you can reuse this bid.

How to withdraw a bid:

  1. Login to your account using your email address and password.
  2. Click ‘My Applications’ at the top of the screen.
  3. Select 'Bid history’
  4. Click the drop down list next to ‘Preference’ and change it to not interested
  5. Click OK on the ‘Previously selected preference will be removed’ message
  6. Click ‘confirm’


If a Derby Homefinder landlord offers you a property, they will phone you and then send you an ‘offer letter’ to confirm this.

If you’re not successful, you won't be contacted and you won't be able to find out where you came on the shortlist.

Important: you have only three working days from the date on the offer letter to contact the landlord to accept or turn down their offer. If you don’t, we will assume you are no longer interested in the property and the offer will be withdrawn and will be considered an unreasonable refusal, and in some cases, we may close your application.

If you make two, ‘unreasonable refusals’ your Homefinder application will be closed, and you will not be able to reapply for six months.

What we consider an ‘unreasonable refusal’

  • you have a pet and you have bid for a property where pets are not allowed
  • you do not want to live in an area, and you have bid for a property there
  • you want your own garden and have bid for a property with no garden or a communal garden
  • you do not want to live in that type of property, and you have bid for that property type
  • you are unable, not ready or cannot afford to move

To request a review on the decision made regarding an unreasonable refusal, contact [email protected].

  • Only bid on properties you want to live in
  • Research the area before you bid
  • Check Homefinder regularly for new properties
  • Consider all areas of Derby
  • Consider flats as well as houses