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Tenancy Agreements

An introductory tenancy is a temporary or probationary tenancy, that initially lasts for 12 months. If the tenancy is conducted satisfactorily during this period the tenancy will become secure. In certain circumstances we may extend the introductory tenancy for a further 6 months before making it secure. 

Introductory tenancies are not secure tenancies, and do not have the same statutory rights as existing tenants. They have the right of succession and repairs, but will not have the right to:

  • the same protection from eviction for any breach of their tenancy agreement
  • buy their council property
  • assign or transfer the tenancy (some exceptions may apply)
  • take in lodgers
  • carry out improvements or mutually exchange with another tenant

We monitor and report back to tenants on their progress during the 12 month period. We’ll serve a formal notice of any minor breaches to their tenancy agreement. Serious breaches will result in Derby City Council ending the tenancy.

Minor breaches may include:

  • littering
  • occasional noise
  • failure to maintain gardens to a satisfactory standard
  • minor damage to the property

Serious breaches may include:

  • rent arrears
  • violence or threat of violence
  • a risk of damage to a property
  • a substantial number of minor incidents that have continued despite warnings to the tenant
  • harassment that has a seriously detrimental effect on the victim or members of their family
  • use of the property for illegal or immoral purposes, for example drug dealing

The tenant may be held liable for breaches caused by family members, friends, or visitors to the premises.

We have to follow very strict guidelines to ensure fairness and our actions are monitored when dealing with alleged breaches. Every introductory tenant has a right of review to any notice we serve upon them, and, if upheld, a court will make the final decision on ending the tenancy.‌

When you are offered a tenancy with Derby Homes, you can discuss if a furnished tenancy is the right choice for you. Almost anyone who is offered a tenancy with Derby Homes and who has no furniture of their own can apply. People who have previously had a furnished tenancy and have either damaged or stolen the furniture will not be eligible. If you have no furniture items of your own then a furnished tenancy can provide you with a good starting point in setting up your home.

Please note - Furnished tenancies are for the duration of your tenancy and will not be removed.

The cost depends on which pack you have. Staff can advise you of the current costs. If you are in receipt of Housing Benefit, the charge for the furniture pack will be covered.

Single people and couples will receive a settee, a double bed, fridge freezer, washing machine and electric cooker.

Families will receive all of these items and we will provide as many single beds or bunk beds as required.

We can also provide carpets to the lounge and bedrooms in addition to the packs listed above.

The furniture will always belong to Derby Homes and when you accept a furnished tenancy, the furniture has to stay in your property at all times. If any of the items need replacing due to natural wear and tear, Derby Homes’ will replace them, all you have to do is ring the Customer Service Team.

We will also service the kitchen appliances regularly and repair them if they break down.

Additional Tenancy Conditions for Furnished Accommodation