Safeguarding young people and vulnerable adults

We all have a duty to safeguard people from harm. Derby Homes takes this very seriously and all of our staff are trained to identify and report safeguarding concerns.

You can also play an important role in this process. 

If you think someone is:

  • being attacked verbally, physically or both
  • being sexually abused
  • being neglected – lack of food, warmth, clothing
  • being taken advantage of – e.g. having money taken from them
  • being targeted by the community
  • unable to protect themselves from harm
  • lacking awareness of their own personal safety
  • a victim of domestic violence/abuse
  • being bullied

Please report your concerns immediately by calling :

Adult Social Care – 01332 786968

Children’s Social Care – 01332 641172 – Out of hours - 01332 786968

Derby Homes – 01332 888777

If it is an emergency, contact the Police – 999 or 101