Publication Scheme

In line with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000, Derby Homes seeks to make publicly available as much information as possible about its services. We have adopted the Model Publication Scheme set up by the Information Commissioner's Office.

Derby Homes is a registered provider of social housing with the Homes & Communities Agency. Register No 4576

Derby Homes is a company limited by guarantee registered in England with Companies House. Registered No 4380984.

Please click on the links below for more information:

  1. Who we are and what we do 
  2. What we spend and how we spend it 
  3. What our priorities are and how we are doing
  4. How we make decisions
  5. Our policies and procedures
  6. Lists and registers
  7. The services we offer

1.    Who we are and what we do

Roles and responsibilities

You can find out more About Us at this link and about our relationship with Derby City Council at this link.

You can find information about out Our Senior Management Team

Our mission, objectives and values can be viewed here.

Articles of Association

Derby Homes was set up in 2002. Our main roles and responsibilities as an organisation are set out in our Memorandum and Articles of Association (link required)

Board Membership

Derby Homes has a Board which oversees its work and ensures it is meeting its mission, objectives and values. The Board comprises three tenants, three Councillors, and three independent members. You can find out more about our Board Membership at this link Our Board

Operational Board

We also operate an Operational Board with a majority of tenants that takes decisions and makes recommendations to the Board and to the Council.

Senior Executives

We can provide information on the responsibilities of our Directors, and the services they manage.

The Derby Association of Community Partners (DACP) is our resident involvement partner and has representation on the Operational Board. It is regularly consulted on issues affecting tenants and helps us to understand issues that face tenants.

Contact Points

Derby Homes tries to make it as easy as possible for its customers and partners to get in contact, whether this is by telephone, email, letter, or in person. To find out how to Contact Us, please use this link. We can also provide contact details for individual members of staff and teams where appropriate.

2.    What we spend and how we spend it

Derby Homes receives the vast majority of its funding from Derby City Council to undertake Housing Management and Maintenance services for tenants. The Council uses the rental and service charge income collected to fund these services. In addition we do have a limited number of our own properties that we managed and maintain ourselves.  Each year we produce a set of accounts which record the financial position of the company, these are produced in line with statutory and regulatory requirements and are independently assessed by our External Auditors.

Annual accounts

Our Annual Report contains details of our annual accounts. These are independently audited by both internal and external auditors, and are scrutinised and approved by our Audit Committee.

Procurement procedures

We procure a large number of services from external providers. We have a Procurement Procedure which assists Managers when procuring services and we also have a set of Contract Procedure Rules, which we follow when carrying out procurement.


You can access the latest documentation for any current tenders using the links on this page.

Staff and Board Member allowances and expenses

Our staff are entitled to claim certain allowances and expenses for carrying out their job roles. Our Board members are volunteers. Councillor Board Members receive no additional allowance above their allowance as Councillors. Tenant and Independent Board Members are not paid unless they hold an office of Chair, Vice Chair or Chair of the Audit Committee which involve considerable investments of their time over the year.

3.    What our priorities are and how we are doing

We have a large number of documents setting out Derby Homes priorities and monitoring our progress. These include strategies, plans, performance indicators, inspections and reviews.

Reports indicating main priorities and progress against them

Our main document is our Delivery Plan. which sets out how we will achieve our mission and aims.

We monitor our performance in all our services on a regular basis, and involve our customers, partners – especially the Council - and staff in doing this. You can find out more information on our page: How are we performing? You can also see a number of reports that include performance information on our Committee Information Management System (CMIS) site.

Annual report

We produce an Annual Report which is available on request. Previous annual reports can be viewed at the following link.

4.    How we make decisions

Derby Homes has a number of ways in which decisions are made. These include the Board and its Committees, in partnership meetings with the Council, and through delegation to officers within a budget.

Minutes of meetings of the Board

You can view our Board and Committee Minutes in the Committee Management Information System (CMIS) section of our website.

5.    Our policies and procedures

We have policies and procedures in place to guide staff when carrying out their day to day roles. You can request copies of any of these documents, for example the Councils Allocations Policy, our Recharging Policy or our Anti-Social Behaviour Policy.

Policies and procedures for employing and recruiting staff

As well as having policies and procedures for delivering our services, we also have documents setting out how we will employ and recruit staff, to ensure these processes are fair and transparent. We make information available on what is involved in Working for us, as well as a list of Current job vacancies.

Customer service

Excellent customer service is at the heart of Derby Homes. We have a clear set of Local Customer Priorities, setting out what customers should expect from all our services and how to contact us if these are not met. Where customers feel our service has exceeded or failed to meet their expectations, they can use our online customer feedback form to let us know. Feedback can be given in a variety of ways but one of these is through our Customer Feedback form. We provide information on a range of feedback data, including number of complaints received

Please see our Library (Needs amending/new link) for other policies.

We try to get things right first time. However, we appreciate this doesn’t always happen. Our complaints page tells you what to do if you’re unhappy with the service you receive. We take all complaints seriously and believe we can learn from our mistakes to improve our service in the future.

Records management and personal data policies

Our Freedom of Information Policy and Data Protection Policy cover how we comply with the Data Protection Act to keep information secure, ensure it is retained appropriately and how it is shared with other organisations where appropriate.

Charging regimes

Derby Homes makes charges for a number of the services provided to its customers, including grounds maintenance, caretaking and certain improvement works. These charges are calculated on an individual basis according to the services received by individual tenants and their circumstances, so further information is only available on request.

Freedom of information and charging

We provide most information free of charge, particularly that which is available here on Derby Homes’ website. Some documents in the Publication Scheme are subject to a charge, usually intended to meet some or all of the cost of publication.

The regulations allow us to pass on to the applicant any disbursement costs that are incurred when processing a request. This includes photocopying and the cost of CD ROM’s. However, if the total disbursement costs are less than £10, a charge will not normally be made.

The regulations allow us to refuse any requests where the time taken to locate and retrieve the information is longer than 18 hours. If this is the case, the applicant will be given the option to refine and resubmit their request so that is reduces the time to within the appropriate limit.

We have the right to withhold information if the required fee is not paid.

6.    Lists and Registers

We do not currently publish any lists or registers.

7.    The services we offer

Derby Homes offers a wide range of housing and support services to its customers. Further information about the services for which Derby Homes is responsible can be found in our services section.

Derby Homes produces a wide range of information leaflets and policies for its customers and staff. The majority of these can be accessed through the library. Others are available on request. All information is also available on request on audiotape, CD, large print and other methods as required.Leaflets and policies

Media Releases

Please see the News section of the website.