Gender Pay Gap Data 2018/19

Women's Hourly Rate 

8.7%  14%






Pay Quartile

Upper quartile

68% 32%
Men Women

Upper middle quartile

71% 29%
Men Women

Lower middle quartile

40% 60%
Men Women

Lower quartile

20% 80%
Men Women

Bonus Pay

No Bonus Paid

Derby Homes’ statement on the gender pay gap for April 2018/19

Derby Homes pays men and women equally for the same role. Our headline figure is that our overall average hourly pay for women is 8% less than for men. To a large extent this gap exists as a result of our maintenance team taken on from Derby City Council in 2010, where the workforce is predominantly male and is paid a higher rate than for many housing management roles where there are a majority of female employees.