We believe in treating everyone fairly and with respect. We see the diversity of our city as a real strength. We want to build strong communities with a sense of togetherness and we want to tackle disadvantage. We also want to build a strong cohesive workforce that reflects the community we serve. We want everyone to be able to reach their full potential and to benefit from the cultural, social, economic and civic strength of our city. We recognise that it’s only by meeting people’s particular needs, having accessible services and a diverse workforce, just like the community we live in, that we will achieve equality.

Derby Homes Equalities Strategy sets out our commitment to equality and diversity and our approach for 2018 - 2021.

Derby Homes’ strategic objectives are to create “Great Homes, Great Neighbourhoods, Great Customer Service and provide Great Value”. Derby Homes is committed to customer care and its quality of services. A commitment to Equality and Diversity will make sure that these services are being delivered to all customers and that it is a great place to work for all staff.

An organisation committed to equality and diversity is more likely to attract people from a wider pool of talent if it is explicit in its commitment to diversity and is demonstrating this through how it operates. Additionally, staff and volunteers are more likely to perform well, feel motivated and committed and therefore be retained if they feel valued and respected in their working environment. This commitment will also encourage active participation from all and ensure that services are inclusive. 

As an equal opportunities employer, Derby Homes is committed to providing equal access to housing services for all, whatever their language or culture and we arrange appropriate language interpreters and support for deaf people, where appropriate.

This Equality and Diversity Strategy will make sure that Derby Homes is meeting its responsibilities under the 2010 Equalities Act and in addition this strategy will support Derby Homes to offer excellent services to all customers groups and staff.


Derby Homes will achieve the following Equality and Diversity aims:

  • Customers - To provide services and opportunities that are tailored to meet the needs of individual customers.
  • Communities - To value diversity in our communities and encourage community cohesion.
  • Staff - Be an inclusive employer and provide opportunity and development to all staff.


Equalities Impact Asessments

We recognise our statutory obligations in respect of Equality Impact Assessments relating to Race, Disability, Gender and Age. In addition we will consider the effects of our business on all other groups including sexual orientation, gender reassignment and religious affinity.

We acknowledge that discrimination and disadvantage may emerge from how we operate, and that we have a responsibility to identify what changes and improvements are needed. 

All Board and Committee Reports will contain an Equalities Impact consideration. This will require the report author to summarize the Equality Impact. If there is significant impact they may provide additional information as an Appendix to the report. 


Time to Change employer pledge

Derby Homes are one of over 700 organisations that have signed up to the Time to Change employer pledge. Time to Change is a campaign to change how we all think and act about mental health problems, led by the charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness.

Mental health is a topic that we should all feel able to talk about. Tackling stigma and discrimination and developing a culture where our employees feel able to talk openly about their mental health problems is a priority for us, as part of wider health initiatives. Having these all important conversations can make a big difference to many people. The more we talk, the more lives we can change.”