Decorating your home

There is a weekly charge for the service that’s added to your rent. If you receive Housing Benefit, the cost of the scheme is currently covered by that, but there is no guarantee this will always be the case. Universal Credit Housing Payments do not cover the charge for this scheme.

You will get one room of your choice decorated each year. You will be offered a choice of wallpaper patterns and paint colours from a range supplied by the decorators.

When you join the scheme, we will tell you when the decoration work is planned for the area that you live in. We will then give you a start date nearer the time.

No. If you choose to join the scheme, your tenancy conditions are changed and the scheme will run for the duration of your tenancy. There is no option for your property to be removed from this scheme in the future. You may choose not to have any decorating done each year, but you will still have to pay the weekly charge.

You will need to ensure as much of your furniture and personal belongings as possible are removed from the room you want decorating. This includes clearing the walls, pictures, ornaments and small items of furniture. The decorators can help you move larger items of furniture. Any large items that contain belongings (such as cupboards or shelves) must be emptied before the contractor can move it.

The decorators will not be liable for any damage to your personal items that have not been removed from the room.