Repairs to your home

Repair Issues that can cause harm to people or damage to the property are classed as emergency repairs.   

Depending on the problem, we’ll attend as quickly as within two hours, we’ll always let you know how long it will be before we are with you.  

As a priority,we will always make sure the situation is safe,and if we can’t complete the work there and then, we’ll arrange a follow up appointment.   

Some examples of emergency repairs: 

  • Making your home secure 
  • Gaining entry to your home, if you are vulnerable or disabled 
  • No lights or power  
  • No running water  
  • An uncontrollable water leak in your home 
  • Making your home safe after a fire or structural damage

We aim to complete all urgent repairs within a week, and in some cases, within 24 hours.

We will always let you know when we are coming.  

Examples of repairs completed within 24 hrs 

  • Board up broken window
  • Blocked toilet 
  • Bare wiring 
  • Damaged electrical fitting 
  • Partial loss of electrics 
  • Unable to lock doors 
  • Downstairs window insecure 
  • Roof leak 
  • Bad water leak inside your home 

Examples of repairs completed within 5 days

  • Blocked sink, basin or bath 
  • Leaking waste pipe 
  • Loose banister rail/handrail 
  • Individual sockets not working 
  • Repair taps that are not working 
  • Water leak that you can contain 

We‘ll always look at your individual circumstances and judge the impact of the problem on your situation. For example, a broken shower will be a higher priority for someone who has no other form of bathing, than someone who has a bath they can use. 

Non-urgent or routine repairs are repairs that don’t require immediate action. In most instances these are jobs which can be done without serious inconvenience to you. 

We aim to complete some non-urgent works within five weeks, but others may take up to 12 weeks if we need to order specialist materials or equipment. 

Examples of non-urgent (completed within 5 weeks) 

  • Dripping taps 
  • Easing a stop tap 
  • Cleaning out guttering 
  • Repair to internal door 

Examples of non-urgent (completed within 12 weeks) 

  • Plastering repairs 
  • New internal doors 
  • New external doors 
  • New kitchen units 
  • Worktop replacement 
  • Work requiring scaffolding