Benefit Cap

We are aware of which of our customers will be affected and how much their income will change.

If you are affected, we will be trying to contact you.

The Department of Work and Pensions has already identified customers that will be affected. These customers will either see a reduction in Housing Benefit or Universal Credit payments.

What is the benefit cap?

The Benefit Cap is a limit on the total amount of benefit you can get can get. It applies to most people aged 16 to 64 and affects the total amount your household can receive in benefits. By household, we mean benefits received by you, your partner and dependent children who live with you, are all included.

The overall benefit cap was reduced from 7 November 2016.

How much is the cap?

The total amount a household will be able to claim in benefits is:

  •  £384.62 a week

 The total amount a single person will be able to claim in benefits is:

  •  £257.69 a week 

You won't be affected by the cap

if anyone in your household qualifies for Working Tax Credit or gets any of the following benefits:

Use the tax credit calculator to find out if you're eligible

 Benefits included in the cap

Benefits not included in the cap

  • discretionary housing payments
  • council tax support/reduction
  • budgeting loan/advances
  • one-off council crisis payments
  • free school meals
  • child maintenance payments
  • winter fuel payments
  • statutory maternity, paternity or adoption pay
  • statutory sick pay
  • housing benefit for supported accommodation. This usually includes domestic violence refuges and accommodation where tenants also get care or support

If you think you may be affected and want to know what to do next, please contact us.