Repairs and Maintenance

We want our tenants to live in safe and secure homes. We achieved the Decent Homes Standard in 2006 and we have a dedicated team responsible for maintaining properties to that standard.

How to report a repair

All non-urgent repairs should be reported through My Account. This is an an online service that's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Login or register here.

Our phone lines are open between 8AM-5PM.

  • Between 8AM-9AM, then again between 3PM-5PM we will only deal with emergency repairs. For urgent or emergency repairs, you should call us so we can deal with them quicker and make sure there is no risk to anyone's health or safety.

  • Any general repairs or enquies are dealt with between 9AM and 3PM. Should you call during the emergencies only times to report general day-to-day issues, you will be asked to call back later or report it online.

What is an urgent repair?

Urgent repairs includes things like total or partial loss of services (electric, gas, water); unsafe electrical sockets or fittings; blocked toilet, sink, bath or basin (with no others available); leaks, a loose handrail; and unsecure windows, doors or locks or where a door entry phone is not working.

To see all the ways you can contact us, go to our Contact page.

If you have an emergency, or want to discuss a repair, you can reach our Customer Services Team Monday to Friday, 8AM to 5PM. If you ring outside these hours, there will be an answerphone message giving you an emergency number to call.

If you call our Customer Service Team to request a repair you’ll be asked a series of questions so that we can diagnose what the problem is. The Customer Service Advisor will then make an appointment for the repair to be completed. How soon the appointment is made will depend on the priority of the repair. For instance, an emergency repair will be dealt with much more quickly than a non-urgent repair.

To discuss a repair you’ve already reported, please have your repair order number to hand.

Repair Priorities

Our timescales for carrying out repairs have been agreed in consultation with our tenants and make it possible for us to provide an excellent level of service across all neighbourhoods. The timescales are set out below:

  • Emergency Repairs - Attend and make safe in two hours
  • Very urgent repairs - Complete within 24 hours
  • Urgent repairs - Complete within 5 working days
  • Non-urgent repairs - Complete within 25 working days
  • Specialist non-urgent repairs - Complete within 60 working days

These timescales allow us to offer the following benefits to our tenants:

  • a greater certainty that we will be able to deliver the service within the agreed priorities, especially where work involves making non standard items
  • better value for money by giving us the opportunity to group work together
  • overall a better, more reliable repairs service.

Appointment times for repairs

Appointments will be given for either:

  • Morning (8AM to 12 noon)
  • Afternoon (12noon to 5PM)
  • 10AM to 2PM
  • All day (8AM to 5PM)

All appointments are Monday to Friday only, excluding bank holidays and public holidays.

Missed appointments

If we miss an appointment

As part of Derby Homes’ Customer Care Charter, we will pay you £10 if a member of staff makes an appointment to visit you and the appointment is not kept. This applies even if a contractor fails to attend a day-to-day repairs appointment and does not notify you by:

  • 8AM for morning appointments
  • 12noon for afternoon appointments

Compensation for missed appointments also includes other external contractors, but arrangements may vary.

Please note that you are only eligible to claim compensation for missed appointments if you are up-to-date with your rent or service charge.

If you would like more information about how the missed appointments scheme works, please email the Customer Service Team on

If you miss an appointment

You should always let us know immediately if you need to cancel or change an appointment.

You will need to notify us by:

  • 8AM for a morning appointment
  • 12noon for an afternoon appointment

If you don't tell us that you won't be in and are not at home for your repair appointment, we will charge you £10.

We look at each case individually and there may be exceptions to this charge if the appointment was missed due to an emergency.

What to expect when repairs are carried out in your home

If we need you to move any furniture or remove any floor covering, such as carpets or laminate, we will give you seven days warning. It is your responsibility to do this before the contractor arrives. Please contact us if you are having difficulty arranging this.

We regret that we are unable to undertake any work in your home without an adult present. We have a safeguarding policy and will not be able to work in a property where there is an unaccompanied child.

You need to make sure that everyone is safe while repair workers are working. For example, keep any pets out of the way, and keep an eye on your children.

In bad weather conditions we will always make things safe but repair workers may not be able to carry out a full repair. This is for their own safety.

All our staff and contractors are expected to be considerate and respectful towards you. We expect you and members of your household to behave in a similar way towards them.