Our commitment to fighting fraud

Derby Homes is introducing new procedures to validate the identity of new tenants when they move in to a property. We’ll also be checking existing tenancies to make sure that the people living in our properties are entitled to be there.

What is housing fraud?

Renting out or subletting without permission

The person who the property is rented to moves out and profits by charging someone else a higher rent.

Not using the property as a principal home

Someone has a council property that they don’t live in all the time. They may stay with their partner.

Not telling the truth when applying for a property

Where people get a council property by giving false information in their application, or their application for a right-to-buy or mutual exchange.

Wrongly claiming a tenancy from someone who has died

Someone trying to succeed to a tenancy after a tenant’s death when they’re not eligible. This often involves falsely claiming to have lived with the deceased tenant before their death.

How you can help

If you suspect that someone is committing housing fraud we want to know about it. Any information you give us will be treated in confidence. You don’t have to give us your name unless you want to. You can report housing fraud in a number of ways.