Estate Management

We’re committed to making Derby’s estates places where people are proud and happy to live.

To improve our estates we:

  • carry out regular estate inspections
  • keep communal areas clean, well lit and well maintained
  • maintain communal grassed areas to an agreed standard
  • liaise with residents about environmental improvements
  • deliver environmental improvements using a range of funding
  • work with you on local regeneration projects
  • work with other organisations to help make your community safer
  • arrange for abandoned vehicles to be removed within 7 days
  • remove hate graffiti within 24 hours of being notified, and all other graffiti within 10 working days.

We also do a lot of work to tackle anti-social behaviour.

Local Customer Priorities 2018 - 2019

Our 'Local Customer Priorities' were created from the results of our 2017 Door Knock campaign. Of the people we surveyed, most told us that they had no real concerns or issues in their area. For those who told us they did have concerns, we put together an action plan to tackle the issues specific to the areas they live in.

The action plan shows how we will target our work to deal with these issues over the next three years. Here's a summary of the priorities and some of the actions. 

Priority: Fly-Tipping

Management areas: Allenton/Stockbrook Street

Fly-tipping has been on the rise in many parts of Derby. Not only does it make your neighbourhood a less enjoyable place to live, but it also affects the service you receive as a tenant. The StreetPride team are now spending a significant portion of their time removing rubbish that has been dumped unlawfully, rather than trimming hedges, tidying parks and painting fences.

Fly-tipping is a crime and those who are caught will be prosecuted. The penalties for fly-tipping are a fine of up to £50,000 and up to six months imprisonment on conviction. Remember, if you see someone fly-tipping, you can report it though Derby City Council's myAccount service.

We will:

  • work with Derby City Council to resource free bulky waste collections in key areas over the next 12 months
  • engage young people in local schools to raise awareness of litter and fly tipping
  • encourage residents to highlight fly-tipping in their area, and report it to us confidentially
  • raise awareness with tenants to highlight the effects of fly-tipping and the related fines and prosecutions
  • carry out litter picks every two months in partnership with the Council
  • deliver road shows in areas to educate residents regarding waste, recycling and fly-tipping
  • consider funding design solutions, such as landscaping or fencing, where fly-tipping is specific to a location

Priority: Dog Fouling

Management area: Sussex Circus

You told us that dog fouling can be an issue in the Sussex Circus area. This doesn’t just have an impact on the appearance of your street, but it has a negative affect on the community overall.

As part of our Pets Policy, all tenants are required to pick up after their pets to keep communal areas clean, but it can be difficult for us to enforce this if we don’t know who the perpetrators are. We rely on owners being responsible and clearing up after their dogs, and if not, we rely on you reporting any irresponsible pet owners to us so any issues can be dealt with quickly.

You can report dog-fouling through Derby City Council's myAccount service

We will:

  • hold free, monthly dog microchipping sessions for tenants, working alongside local vets and pet charities
  • engage young people in local schools to raise awareness of dog fouling
  • approach local businesses to supply free poop scoop bags for residents (also provided at microchipping sessions)
  • empower staff to challenge irresponsible pet owners, and provide them with free poop scoop bags
  • ask residents to highlight dog fouling in their area, and report it to us confidentially
  • target hotspots of dog fouling: increase awareness of how to report and carry out regular inspections

Priority: Parking

Management areas: ALL (Allenton/Stockbrook Street/Sussex Circus)

A lot of people told us that parking was a big concern. Cars are a big part of modern life and many of our estates were built at a time when there were far fewer on the roads. We heard from people who have a lack of parking spaces day-to-day, and others who were worried
about the amount of people who park on their streets during big events such as match days at Pride Park.

In 2017/18, we allocated over £300k to improve parking across the city, which included providing individual driveways to reduce on-street parking and improvements to a number of communal car parks.

We will:

  • promote alternative parking locations for the public to alleviate match day parking in Chaddesden
  • work with Traffic Enforcement Officers in regard to match day parking
  • implement a windscreen flier campaign (or similar) in areas of irresponsible parking to challenge and raise awareness
  • provide a minimum of 60 new driveways to our properties to reduce on-street parking
  • hold parking awareness campaigns around local schools, and promote alternative forms of transport
  • identify areas where parking permits will alleviate parking issues and implement them

Priority: Disruptive Children/Teenagers

Management areas: ALL (Allenton/Stockbrook Street/Sussex Circus)

Although our survey question asks about disruptive children, we know the issue is more complicated and want to make sure we don't reinforce the stereotype of "nuisance children'. For example, we spoke to our Youth Panel and showed them a video that a resident had sent us, allegedly showing young people on our estates engaging in anti-social behaviour. The panel pointed out that the children in the video were not doing anything wrong, just hanging out and ‘being kids’.

Our anti-social behaviour team will be focusing on this priority and their first job will be to explore what the real issues in the areas that reported the problems. We'll then work with local partners to ensure a balance of engagement and enforcement, along with an exploration of available activities and services that already exist in the city, such as Enthusiasm, Sporting Communities and our youth engagement partner: Mash-Up Derby.

Work is likely to include:

  • Putting on road shows in the areas to challenge perceptions regarding children and teenagers
  • Implementing the Children and Young People’s strategy
  • Incite partnership with other teams in order to have a cohesive strategy
  • Organising an inter-generational event in each area, promoting better relations between generations