Designated Persons

‌If you are unable to resolve your complaint through Derby Homes complaints procedure, you can contact a designated person who can also help find a solution.

The designated person can be an MP, a local councillor or a recognised Tenant Panel. Their role is to help resolve disputes between tenants and their landlords which they can do in whatever way they think is most likely to work.

If the designated person cannot help they can refer a complaint to the Ombudsman.

If you have decided not to contact a designated person, you can go directly to the Ombudsman eight weeks after Derby Homes has given you its final response to your complaint.

More information about designated persons can be found on the Housing Omudsman website.


To find your local Councillor or MP

All current Derby Councillors are listed on the Council's CMIS website, along with contact details.

 You can search for your MP on the Parliament website.


Contacting Derby Homes' registered Tenant Panel

Our Tenant Panel are registered with the Housing Ombudsman. You can reach them by emailing or calling 07979 847523.

Tenant Panel members

Dennis Rees - Nov 2018

Dennis Rees OBE

Jim Elks - Nov 2018

Jim Elks

Bob Macdonald - Nov 2018

Bob Macdonald

Win Buchan Nov 2018

Win Buchan