Gas Safety

Gas Safety Inspections and Maintenance

Derby City Council as your landlord has a legal duty under the 'Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations 1998' to make sure all gas supplies and appliances in your home are safe. Derby Homes carries out this gas safety work on behalf of the Council.

To comply with this legal requirement, we use an in-house team of registered gas engineers to carry out safety checks, service appliances and respond to breakdowns when they happen.

Routine service and safety checking includes

  • The gas supply and every gas appliance in your home will be checked for safety
  • All appliances which are part of the property and the responsibility of Derby Homes, will be serviced approximately every 11 months (so that the safety certificate is renewed before its 12 month expiry date)
  • Your own gas cooker and any other appliances are your responsibility to service, but it will be included in our overall safety check
  • Some properties are all electric with no gas appliances. In this case, we are still required by law to certify that no gas supply has been installed since we last checked.

Response to repairs when appliances breakdown

Derby Homes will respond, in accordance with the priorities set out in the legislation, to gas breakdowns which usually affect the heating and/or hot water systems. Under normal circumstances we will respond within 24 hours during winter (72 hours during summer) and ensure that the repair is completed as soon as possible.

If the breakdown leaves you without any other form of heating, we will provide you with temporary equipment to use.

Our response service to breakdowns includes call-outs at any time of day and emergencies. Emergencies are leaks of gas & fumes and uncontainable water leaks.

Access to your property

The law requires Derby Homes to enter every property before the expiry date of the previous certificate to carry out the safety check. While we will make every effort to provide these services at a time to suit you, we need your help to gain access to your property.

To make it as easy as possible we will:

  • send letters advising of appointments
  • send reminder letters before the appointment
  • provide the Customer Service Team for tenants to call in at any time to rearrange appointments
  • leave calling cards if tenants are not at home when we call
  • send further letters to remind how urgent safety checks are and to confirm new appointments
  • place notices on the door to confirm appointments missed by tenants and to set next appointment dates
  • attempt to contact by phone
  • attempt to contact via their Housing Office
  • make all reasonable attempts to co-operate with any specific requirements to allow access to the home
  • continue to call by appointment to ensure at least three attempts are made to gain access to do the work before the expiry date of the previous certificate

If necessary, we will take legal action to enforce access after the expiry date.

Occasionally, we have difficulty gaining access to some homes. This costs us time and money, and sometimes leaves us with no choice but to apply for a court injunction to gain entry. We'd much rather it not get to this stage and really appreciate your help with our service & safety checking programme.

All tenants have a responsibility to allow access for this work to be completed and it is part of your Tenancy Agreement to allow us access. If we need to apply to the courts we will request the court to award costs to be paid by the tenant. This is usually in excess of £500. We may also take action under your tenancy agreement to repossess your home if you continue to breach your tenancy agreement by not allowing access.

To re-arrange an appointment please call our Customer Service Team.

Tenant Installed Gas Appliances

If you wish to connect any of your own gas appliances, you will need to obtain a permit from Derby Homes before starting any work. You must not install any gas appliance yourself as this is illegal unless you are qualified and registered. You must use a registered gas safe installer to carry out the work. You can find details of registered gas installers at

Cookers And Other Appliances

If you have your own cooker or other gas appliance we strongly recommend you have them safety checked at least once a year by a registered gas safe engineer.

Quality Control

We regularly inspect the work our contractors do and also audit our own in-house gas engineers to maintain the highest possible standard. We also employ an expert company to independently check our gas work.

Just so you know who’s calling

Every gas engineer arriving at your home to do work - whether from the in-house team or from a contractor – will have a photo identity card. You should not let them in unless they show you this and you are satisfied they are genuine. If you have any doubts about anyone calling at your home, contact our Customer Service Team.

Our aim is always to:

  • Ensure your safety and the safety of others in your home
  • Comply with our legal responsibility