Energy theft | It's not worth it

Published: 21 April 2024

Someone tampering with an energy meter.

Tampering with gas and electrics is extremely dangerous and puts people's lives at risk. 

The past few years has seen the price of energy rise dramatically. The number of people committing energy theft by tampering with energy supplies has also risen.

Tampering with gas and electricity is extremely dangerous and puts your household's and neighbours’ lives at risk.

Energy theft happens when someone tampers with the energy supply to bypass the meter. Tampering with gas or electricity can lead to serious injuries, destruction of property and even death. 

In May 2021, an explosion in Lancashire caused by energy theft led to the tragic death of two-year-old George Hinds, who lived next door to the perpetrator. 

Energy theft is illegal and can land you with a large fine or even a prison sentence. It also increases energy prices for everyone else as suppliers charge more to make up for their losses. 

Report energy theft

If you suspect someone is committing energy theft you can report it anonymously online to Stay Energy Safe at or by calling 0800 023 2777.

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