As part of the Great Big Green Week we’ve been at Sinfin Moor Park Pavilion this week with partners to put owl and bug boxes together.

The work will help to protect nature and educate local residents of the responsibility to look after what we have.

A big thank you to Mick Vernon and Sinfin Community Centre who funded £500, along with the tremendous support of the Friends of Sinfin Moor Park group and Derby Parks.

The money was used to buy two Owl boxes and 17 bug boxes. The Owl boxes were ready made but the bug boxes all came in individual kits that had to be nailed together.

Organised by the Locality Officer, Jonathan Till and with the help brilliant support of Colin Attenborough, Chair of Friends of Sinfin Moor Park along with four other Friends of volunteers. Cllr Nadine Peatfield and Cllr Sarah Chambers, Steph Holt Locality Officer, Kirsty Bentham Local Area Coordinator and Sarah Webster Parks Community Officer.

The weather was superb, and all involved paired up to work on making the bug boxes. Work benches and tools were supplied by Derby Parks and the volunteers, and all really enjoyed putting these boxes together.

Colin Attenborough worked tirelessly cutting hundreds of pieces of cane on a circular saw. Another volunteer had collected pinecones that all went inside of the bug boxes to create a hotel haven for all the bugs.

Some of the boxes will be out within Sinfin Moor Park, and the rest will be given to local residents to use within their own gardens. One of the Owl boxes will be put up within Elm wood near Moorways Sports Village and the other with go up at a suitable location somewhere within the boundaries of Sinfin Moor Park

This was a fantastic example of bringing a national campaign to one of the Wards within the City being facilitated by the Locality Officer and only made possible by the tremendous support of the Sinfin & Osmaston Ward Councillors, Partners and Friends of Sinfin Moor Park who tirelessly make the Park an enjoyable place for all.