Antisocial Behaviour

Derby Homes can help you if you have a problem with your neighbours or if you are suffering from Antisocial Behaviour (ASB). There is also a very serious kind of Antisocial Behaviour called hate crime which we can also help you with we will explain this more later.

Neighbour Nuisance is a type of ASB so from now on we will just talk about ASB but you can read about how to be a good neighbour and noise nuisance in flats by following these links. 

What is ASB? 

ASB is any behaviour from people outside of your home that causes or is likely to cause you alarm or distress. There are lots of different types, but most people will know the sort of thing that is not acceptable. Some examples are loud music, barking dogs, verbal abuse and threatening behaviour. See list of examples of ASB

How do I report it?

There are lots of ways to report ASB. The easiest way is to report it online . For all of the ways you can contact Derby Homes about ASB click here.

 What will Derby Homes do?

We have a specialist Antisocial Behaviour Team that deals with all types of ASB. The team works with the Police, the Council’s Environmental Services Team (you may know this as Environmental Health), The Councils Streetpride service and other organisations to sort out ASB

If you contact us to report this, an ASB Officer will contact you to discuss the case and explain what we can do to help. We will always contact you within a maximum of 5 working days but there are serious cases that clearly need to be dealt with urgently, we would contact you immediately about those.

You can read more about how we tackle ASB  by reading Derby Homes ASB Policy & Procedure which we are currently reviewing. The procedure explains what you can expect from us and a short summary of the type of things we can do includes: 

  • Speaking to your neighbours for you
  • Arranging mediation – where we try to get people to understand each other’s point of view and make an agreement
  • Issuing verbal and written warnings
  • Carrying out monitoring including CCTV and noise monitoring
  • Working jointly with other partners such as the Police and making sure they take action on your behalf
  • Taking emergency action to protect you if that is necessary
  • Taking legal action such as Injunctions and if necessary evictions to stop the ASB
  • Provide you with support and help through the process

Your ASB Officer will explain all of this to you and agree what we will do,  and what you will need to do. The action we will take will depend on the type of problem that is occurring. One of the things we will do is agree how you want us to keep you informed and how about what we are doing.

What can you do?

The vast majority of ASB cases are dealt with without the need for Court or other serious action. Usually we can deal with this by talking to people and perhaps issuing a warning letter.  We always ask you if you have talked to your neighbour about the issues as that’s often all that you need to do, though we understand that sometimes that’s not possible or something you might want to do.

Your ASB Officer will discuss all of this with you. If necessary you may be asked to keep a record of the ASB but that’s not in all cases only where we might want to prove the nuisance is happening