Loft insulation scam - please share with friends and family

Published: 3 December 2021

Bogus caller alert

Be aware of potential scams

We have been made aware of reports of potential telephone scams about loft insulation.

The caller said that they had been identified as having the wrong insulation and she was entitled to a survey.

The fraudsters asked her age and because she was over 60, she would get a free visit.

Thankfully the resident soon realised it was a scam and rightly challenged the caller. They quickly hung up. This happened a couple more times across the week, before she called ourselves to make sure other tenants weren’t being hassled too.

The callers say they are working on behalf of the council and claimed to be a local environment officer, but refused to tell her where from.


  • Call to check. If you aren't certain whether or not a visit or call claiming to be from us is genuine, you can always contact the company the caller claims to be from.
  • Always ask for ID. Genuine staff should carry ID and many will be in uniform. If they don't, you should simply turn them away politely.
  • If you feel threatened, unsafe or want to report suspicious behaviour, you should contact the police.
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