Selling or Subletting your Leased Property

Letting Your Property

You may decide to sublet your property and to rent it to someone else. Your lease does allow for you to sublet your property but you must:

  • Inform us of your forwarding address
  • Ensure your tenant keeps to the terms of your lease
  • Inform your Building Insurance provider (If you have the Building Insurance cover we offer with Zurich Municipal we will inform the insurer on your behalf when you notify us that you are subletting your property)
  • Check that your Mortgage Lender allows subletting

Selling your property

You may sell your home whenever you like. You do not need Derby City Council’s permission but the Council must be informed of the change of ownership. If you have received a discount from Derby City Council and sell within five years of buying, you may have to repay the whole or part of the discount. Shared Ownership Leaseholders must still give priority and notice to Derby City Council of their intention to sell as required by their lease.

The present policy of Derby City Council is not to buy back any former properties. However this may change and each case is individual.

When a sale has been agreed

Your solicitor may need to provide the buyer’s solicitor with information about your service charges, your current service charge account balance and whether any major works are planned.

The costs of providing this information are not covered by your management /administration fee. Therefore we charge a fee to whoever asks for the information. The charge may vary according to the amount and type of information that is requested.