DMEX - Derby's Mutual Exchange Service

What is DMeX?

Derby Mutual Exchange Service (DMeX) is a partnership of social landlords in Derby.

Our aim is to make it easy for you to swap your home. It helps us to make best use of the housing in the city and to make sure that people are in accommodation that is affordable and suits their needs.

We are work closely together, to share information on people who are looking to swap their homes. We then make contact and help to facilitate exchanges.

Who is involved in the partnership? 

  • Derby City Council
  • Derby Homes
  • Derwent Living
  • The Guinness Partnership
  • Liversage Trust
  • Friendship, Care and Housing
  • Metropolitan
  • Riverside Housing
  • Tuntum Housing

Homefinder Registration

To complete a Mutual Exchange, you need to be registered on DerbyHomefinder. Once you’ve registered on Homefinder, we should have your details and we can start looking for potential swaps. You can find out more about Homefinder and how to register by clicking here. You can get in touch with us directly to make sure we have all the correct information about your needs. 

Where can I find out more?

You can contact your Housing Office or your landlord directly.