Equality and Diversity Policy

This new policy has an additional approach to equalities, emphasising our commitment to valuing diversity in the workplace and in the wider community.  Our objective is to create a workplace culture that respects and values each other’s differences, not merely tolerates them.   

In addition, this policy promotes equalities through fairer employment practices and makes our services more accessible to everyone who uses them. An integral part of the policy is equality for:

  • employees 
  • trainees
  • job applicants
  • service users.

The policy recognises and values diversity with reference to:

  • racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds
  • women and men 
  • younger and older people
  • disabled people
  • sexual orientation.

The policy also covers:

  • the support and services we provide Derby Homes' tenants
  • issues of policy implementation.

The Equality and Diversity Policy underpins all our other policies, service plans, procedures and systems. The policy sets out our commitment to opposing all forms of discrimination. 

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