Improvements and alterations you can do

We are aware that from time to time you may want to do improvements and alterations yourself.  You must get our written permission before you do any work.  Please contact your Housing Office or the Customer Service Team for an application form, or download one from here, to carry out improvements or alterations in your home.

If the work you want to carry out needs building and/or planning permission, it is your responsibility to get this permission and provide us with evidence that approval was given for the work to be carried out.

You must always make sure you get all permissions before starting any work.  If you do not, you could be asked to restore the property to the original condition – at your own expense.

Getting permission is particularly important if you live in a flat.  Any alterations may affect the fire safety of your flat or the whole building. Even small alterations such as making holes in walls for cables and pipes or fitting an extractor fan can have a serious effect.  

A suitably qualified person must carry out all work involving gas or electrical installations.  You must obtain a safety certificate from the person carrying out the work and let us have a copy of this. 

Contact the Derby Homes Health and Safety Advisor on 01332 888777 if you require further information