Apprenticeship Case Study - Sam

Case Study: Sam Porter

Where did you start? sam
Allenton Local Housing Office

How long have you been working at Derby Homes? 
1 Year 

Why did you apply for an apprenticeship?  
I applied for my apprenticeship because I wanted to develop skills and knowledge whilst in a working environment. 

What apprenticeship did you apply for? 
Business Administration Apprentice 

What has been your biggest highlight of working at Derby Homes? 
The biggest highlight of working for Derby Homes is experiencing a wide variety of knowledge in a housing department and working with a team. 

What did you get out of your apprenticeship? 
With my apprenticeship I have managed to progress onto Level 3 NVQ for Business Administration. Also it has made me see an insight of social housing and the variety of tasks that individuals have to carry out. 

Would you recommend the Derby Homes’ apprenticeship scheme to others? If so, why? 
I would recommend Derby Homes’ Apprenticeship scheme because it allows you to learn lots of new skills and gain knowledge in social housing and a wide variety of tasks you can deal with. Also that you can learn more than you expect.