Apprenticeship Case Study - Lee

Case Study: Lee Frost

Where did you start?lee
Sussex Circus Local Housing Office

Where are you now? 
Housing Options

How long have you been working at Derby Homes?
6 Months

Why did you apply for an apprenticeship? 
I wanted to start a new career in the housing industry having previously worked in retail and this apprenticeship offered me the chance to do that while also earning at the same time. I also wanted to gain a nationally recognised qualification where I was around a team that could offer me support and guidance within the housing sector. 

What apprenticeship did you apply for? 
Housing Apprentice

What has been your biggest highlight of working at Derby Homes? 
Working alongside local Councillors throughout the Derby area on ‘Councillors and Citizens on patrol’ events. 

What did you get out of your apprenticeship? 
I have gained a vast amount of knowledge and skills needed to help me get a job within Derby Homes. I have got an accredited qualification alongside real work experience that will help me pursue a career in Housing. The apprenticeship has helped with my self-confidence and improved my teamwork and interpersonal skills by challenging me to work within various teams throughout Derby Homes. 

Would you recommend the Derby Homes’ apprenticeship scheme to others? If so, why? 
I would recommend the Derby Homes’ apprenticeship scheme to anyone looking for a new career within the Housing sector. It is an excellent way to earn while you are learning and the support network within Derby Homes is incredible. You will never feel like an Apprentice but like a full time member of staff within whichever department you are working and this will help build confidence and make you feel like an important member of the team.