Apprenticeship Case Study - Jonathan

Case Study: Jonathan Eagle 

Where did you start? 
On a Maintenance Operative Apprenticeship in the Voids Team

Where are you now? 
Completing Plumbing Apprenticeship Level 3 in the Gas Team

How long have you been working at Derby Homes? 
Almost 5 years now.

Why did you apply for an apprenticeship? 
I always wanted to be a plumber ever since I worked with my uncle when I was young and I heard from friends that Derby Homes was a good employer.

What apprenticeship did you apply for? 
I applied for both the maintenance operative and plumbing apprenticeships originally. I completed the maintenance operative apprenticeship and was then given the opportunity to do a plumbing apprenticeship.

What has been your biggest highlight of working at Derby Homes? 
Fitting walk in showers for disabled people in the Derby City area in both council houses and private owned homes through the DFG grants. To make a real difference to someone's life so they can do something as basic as wash themselves properly. To see how much people appreciated what we did for them was very rewarding.

What did you get out of your apprenticeship? 
A wide range of skills and knowledge in plumbing and heating. Also basic skills in joinery, brickwork, plastering and tiling. Made friendships with lots of people I’ve worked with too and even picked up some new hobbies.

Would you recommend the Derby Homes’ apprenticeship scheme to others? If so, why? 
Yes I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to learn a trade, everyone I have worked with has been more than happy to train me and share their knowledge and skills with me.