Apprenticeship Case Study - Holly O

Case Study: Holly Osborn

What apprenticeship did you apply for? holly
Business Administration Apprentice

Why did you apply for an apprenticeship? 
I thought that an apprenticeship would be the right route for me as I am a hands-on learner. I knew it would help me develop the key skills that employers look for in an individual and help me gain a job in the future. 

How long have you been working at Derby Homes? 
3 and a half years

Where are you now? 
Working within the Corporate Support Team as a Corporate Support Officer

What has been your biggest highlight of working at Derby Homes? 
My biggest highlight of working at Derby homes has been being able to continue my education following gaining a permanent job at Derby Homes, doing my Level 3 and now my Level 4 Business Administration.

What did you get out of your apprenticeship? 
I gained a lot of experience and qualifications within my Apprenticeship. I got to know the Organisation better and understand what Derby Homes’ do. It helped my confidence and helped me grow into a more mature individual.

Would you recommend the Derby Homes’ apprenticeship scheme to others? If so, why? 
Yes I would recommend Derby Homes’ Apprenticeship Scheme. Derby Homes is a brilliant company to work for, everyone is friendly and they are very keen for you to develop not only professionally, but personally!