Flat Refurbishments

Balcony Refurbishments

Eight blocks of flats across the city have, or will receive work to improve their balconies.  The floors to the balconies have suffered from corrosion to the reinforcing. The blocks that have been completed are:

39-61 Cavan Drive, Chaddesden

1-25 & 12-34 Shannon Square, Chaddesden

27-49 & 82-104 Waterford Drive, Chaddesden

We are currently working on 60-82 Merrill Way, Allenton.

The remaining 2 blocks that will be worked on are:

73-95 William Street

2-24 Mansfield Street

All works should be completed by the end of October 2015.

Lobby Refurbishments

Internal and external improvements to the communal areas at Kestrel House are now complete.  The new scooter store is up and running along with the automated gate, and a new roof has been installed above the rear of the laundry room giving cover to the newly located bin store.

Works to the communal areas at Whitecross House are still on-going.

Field Lane flats are due to have some communal works carried out which will include, resurfacing balcony walkways, new balcony railings/panels, redecoration to external and internal common parts, new canopy to the drying area walkway and new store doors.

External painting, by Bell Group Ltd, is currently underway in the Austin Area, with plans to move into the Osmaston area shortly.  We will include painting render, soffits and doors.  Painting to fences in this area will be done after any necessary repairs are complete. 

The external painting contract will then move into the Sinfin area after external repairs have been completed.

Internal Painting - a program is in place to redecorate internal common area staircases to around 30 blocks of flats across the city.