Keeping a pet can bring many benefits to you as an owner. We want to encourage responsible pet ownership from our tenants.

Irresponsible pet ownership can cause a nuisance to others, which is why we need to be clear about what is and isn't allowed in your home. The terms of keeping a pet in your home can be found under section 7 of your tenancy agreement. We also have a specific policy to clarify what we mean by responsible pet ownership. It also tells you about any enforcement action we can take against irresponsible pet ownership.

Derby Homes Pets Policy

Some key points from your tenancy agreement are:

  • You may only keep pets at the property with our written prior consent
  • You are responsible for any pet that is brought into your home
  • If you allow any pets to foul you must clean the affected area immediately
  • You must not breed any animals or birds for commercial purposes without our permission
  • You must not keep any animal classified as dangerous under the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 or the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991

These terms form part of your tenancy agreement. If you own a pet or are thinking or owning one, you should make sure you are familiar with them. The actions we may take against irresponsible pet owners can be found in the Pets Policy.