Estates Pride

Estates Pride is a programme of improvement and landscaping works where we aim to give our residents pride in the areas they live. The money we spend is given to us from the Housing Revenue Account and follows on from previous successful schemes. We have a committed spend for the next three years (2015-2018) of just over £1,300,000 per year to complete estate based improvements and community led initiatives.

Derby Homes consults with our customers and partners, at stakeholder events and other meeting to discuss where the Estates Pride funding should be spent. A number of projects have already been developed, including neighbourhood working and a youth inclusion project.

For more information about projects planned for your area, call into your local housing office or email us at

Improving your estates

The majority of ideas for the Estates Pride projects come from our tenants.

The sort of suggestions we get for work include metal fencing, recycled fencing, pathways, drying areas, landscaping, and block paving. The aim of any improvement work is to improve the areas, and reduce anti social behaviour, making it a safer, cleaner, greener area.

We will visit the area to look at how improvements can be made and consult with residents, giving details of the proposals. Our consultation involves writing to residents, knocking on doors, holding meetings, and putting information on our website. We also work with other agencies to secure external funding for projects.

Areas for future capital projects include:

  • Wembley Gardens
  • Lambe Court
  • Rauche Court
  • Kinder Walk
  • Max Road
  • Haddon Drive

Your views are very important to us, so please keep the ideas coming in by emailing