Energy Advice

Derby Homes Energy Efficiency Team

Our Energy Efficiency Team provides free advice to tenants and leaseholders on how they can save energy and reduce their bills. We want to encourage as many people as possible to improve energy efficiency and cut their carbon footprint. We do this by providing energy saving tips and advice. You can also get useful tips here on how to look after your home during very cold weather.

We also have useful leaflets on Energy Advice, Dealing with Condensation and How to switch Energy Supplier which can be downloaded from this page or posted out to you if you prefer.

You can also get useful information about energy saving products, grant offers and reducing your carbon footprint on websites such as the Carbon Trust, and the Energy Saving Trust.

Get in touch with us for advice on how you can start saving energy and money as well as making your home warmer.

Gas and electric prices increasing again?

Would you like your bills to be lower? Depending on your circumstances, the the Warm Home Discount scheme may be available to you and could help reduce your energy bills.

Gas and electric providers have different criteria for qualifying for Warm Home Discount.

To check which offers are available and see if you can reduce your bills, view the Useful Links on the right of this page.

Looking for information on solar panels?

If your home has solar panels fitted, go to the solar panels page for information and advice.