Derby Homes Community Trigger

What is the Community Trigger?

Sometimes people complain that they have reported anti-social behaviour (ASB) but nothing has been done about it. They may have reported the ASB to one or more organisations. The community trigger is the way that people who are suffering from ASB can make sure that organisations deal with their complaint. It does not replace the organisations complaints procedure. You would use that if you were not happy with the way the organisation was dealing with your ASB complaint. You only use the community trigger if you have not received a response at all. The community trigger makes sure that your complaint is dealt with.

Can I use it?

Any Derby Homes tenant can ask Derby City Council to start the community trigger if:

You have made three or more ‘qualifying complaints’ about related incidents of ASB that occurred on separate occasions, within the last six months.

Or if:

Five different people have made ‘qualifying complaints’ about related incidents of ASB that occurred on separate occasions, within the last six months.
What is a qualifying complaint?

To be a ‘qualifying complaint’, the ASB must have:

  • Been formally reported to Derby Homes, within one month of it happening.
  • Not been responded to appropriately by Derby Homes.

Please note - The Community Trigger is not a replacement for Derby Homes complaints procedure. You need to use this complaints procedure if you don’t think Derby Homes is dealing or has dealt with your ASB complaint properly. The Community trigger is intended to ensure people can get a response to their complaint. The ASB should have been reported either in writing, or via Derby Homes website, by e-mail, by telephone or by visiting one of Derby Homes Offices.

How to use the Community trigger:

Derby Homes works in partnership with other organisations like the Police to deal with ASB. If you are a Council tenant and you think you have a ‘qualifying complaint’ you can use the community trigger by contacting Derby City Council who are the Single point of contact for activating the Community Trigger.

Switchboard opening hours

Telephone: 01332 293111

Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5.00pm

If you want a hardcopy of the Community Trigger application form or if you need help  completing the Community Trigger Application Form, contact Craig Keen on 01332 643021.

The link below takes you to the information page of Derby City Council webpage that explains the entire process.

Read more about the community trigger process for all authorities within Derbyshire here: