Tenancy Sustainment Service

Help for tenants in their first year

Derby Homes offers a service designed specifically to help new tenants settle into their home.

 A tenancy sustainment officer can help you to:

  •  Understand your tenancy agreement and how to keep to it.
  • Sort out your claim for Housing benefit.
  • Set up your gas, electric and water accounts.
  • Help you make energy efficiency savings by switching gas or electric supply
  • Refer to agencies that can provide low cost furniture.
  • Sort out any problems with extra repairs that might be needed in your new home.
  • Make sure you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to
  • Learn how to manage your money and any debts you may have.
  • Help you access financial services and set up a bank account
  • Help you with any Welfare Reform issues by applying for Discretionary Housing payments
  • Help you to set up home contents insurance
  • Make referrals to get you into independent living and employment skills training
  • Get affordable loans.
  • Deal with any problems you might have with neighbours or the area you live in.
  • Arrange any additional help for you if you need it, such as help from Social Services.
  • Set you up on the Derby Homes Dashboard, where you can see and manage your rent and repairs online.

We provide this service to new tenants during their introductory tenancy, which is a minimum of 12 months. The Tenancy Sustainment team meets new tenants before they sign up for their property to discuss their needs and agree an action plan. They then keep in regular touch to support tenants with any problems they may have with their tenancy.

There is a weekly charge of £17.43 for the service, which is included in the new tenant’s rent. If the tenant is entitled to housing benefit, the cost will be covered as part of their benefits.

In return for the service Derby Homes provides, we expect new tenants to:

  • keep to their tenancy agreement
  • co-operate with the staff working with them to manage their tenancy
  • keep any appointments we make with them
  • tell us if there are any changes to their personal circumstances.

By working together, we hope to make it easier for tenants to succeed in securing their tenancy.