Tenant Panel

The Tenant Panel is a group of volunteers, made up of Derby Homes’ tenants, who play a key role in making sure Derby Homes offers the best service to you. We work with Derby Homes by reviewing services and report to the City Board on how these services could be improved. This means that Derby Homes understands exactly how their services affect tenants and helps them to shape their services.

The panel receive ongoing training and support to ensure they understand the services offered by Derby Homes and how they affect tenants throughout the City.

What do we do?

  • Provide a critical friend, challenging Derby Homes policy and procedures
  • Drive improvements in service
  • Monitor performance and satisfaction
  • Review complaints
  • Carry out service reviews
  • Meet on a regular basis.

Why should you get involved? You CAN

  • Make a difference
  • Learn about the services
  • Recommend improvements
  • Develop personal skills
  • Gain knowledge and possible qualifications
  • Turn your grumbles into action.