Junior Wardens

An Exciting Scheme for Young People Aged 9-14

Junior Wardens is a programme of fortnightly activities that aims to engage the younger people living in our homes.

The programme runs over 25 weeks and encourages people to tap into their existing and potential skills through a varied mix of  workshops, using multimedia, art, drama, music and popular culture. Although it's an annual plan of activities, we encourage people to join at any time, although we may sometimes have to limit group sizes if they become too large.

Provided by Mash Up Derby Ltd

The Junior Wardens Scheme is run by Mash Up Derby Ltd, a local theatre Group with a wealth of qualifications and experience in a range of both youth and community engagement projects. For more information on Mash Up, go to our partnership page or visit their website.

Workshop areas

Junior Wardens is for the young people living in our properties or on our estates. In you're interested and want to know more, fill out the sign-up form on Mash up's website and they'll get in touch with you. mash Up run sessions in the following areas:

  • Alvaston
  • Chaddesden
  • Derwent
  • Mackworth & Morley
  • Osmaston
  • Sinfin

Example Activity Themes

  • Theatre, Drama and performance
  • Music and video production
  • Desktop Publishing and social action campaigns
  • Photography and Interactive Media
  • Life skills / Work Experience
  • Radio, journalism and broadcast journalism
  • Guest speakers and focus groups

Creative session on the effects of Bullying

Here's an early session from Mash Up, working with Junior Wardens to explore Bullying and it's effects in a more creative way.