DACP Helping Hand Scheme

The Derby Association of Community Partners (DACP) are a group of tenants and leaseholders. They have their own fund to support community groups, voluntary or not-for-profit organisations who deliver projects or services in Derby City that benefit the local community and Derby Homes tenants.

You can apply for a grant to fund a project or community initiative that exist to bring benefit to Derby communities. The following is an idea of the items that are covered:

  • Equipment
  • Training - such as paying for the cost of courses
  • Events - such as the cost of renting a venue
  • Publicity - such as printing flyers or placing adverts
  • Start-up costs
  • Food - such as refreshments for an event

The maximum amount we would suggest applying for is £2500, but all applications are considered on an individual basis and awarded accordingly.

Please note: grants will not be granted for the repair or maintenance of properties or buildings. If the DACP have already supported your project in the last two years, it may not be supported again.