Customer Consultations

We want to make it easier for you to give us feedback and insight on our services and policies. We’ve developed a customer consultation plan called ‘Your Service, Your Say’. This will give you the opportunity to help shape our policies, and it ensures that the services we deliver are fair, accessible, and put you first.

We consult on a wide range of subjects and issues. This helps us guarantee that any improvements we make to our policies and service put take your views and experiences into account. We’re especially interested to hear from you if you’ve had direct experience of a particular service and can give us feedback based on what you thought of it. Was the policy clear? Did you have any particular difficulties?

We publish consultations regularly, whenever there’s a policy review that could use some input from you or where a proposed change to a service might have an impact on you.

Current Consultations

  • Website review
  • Osmaston Park BMX Track


Website Review

What do you think of our website?

We’re about to start a complete redesign of our website and we’d like your thoughts The review will involve updating the content, layout/design and structure, so it’s going to be a big project over the next few months.

Our website is made up of a few different parts. Some of these are functional, like MyAccount and they let you do things like report repairs and view your rent account. This review is about main website content (that you can see in the image above), which is all the information you read.

We’re interested in knowing:

• What could be better?
• Is there anything missing or something you couldn’t find?
• When you visit our site, is it easy to do or find what you want?


Osmaston Park BMX Track

Do you visit the Osmaston Park BMX track?

We're about to start some improvements on the BMX track and we've been working with Derby City Council and Ashwood Spencer Academy to capture residents' views about the current bike track, and make sure that any improvements are developed with the local community.

We've recently spoken to children at Ashwood Spencer and held an event at the track for residents to share their views.

If you're an Osmaston resident, we'd love to get your thoughts on the proposed improvements. You can let us know what you think using the link below:

Domestic abuse will not be tolerated in Derby Homes' properties.

We have a policy that sets out how we ensure that staff understand and give a consistent service towards domestic abuse. We are reviewing this policy and would like to hear your thoughts on whether you agree with its aims and how we have strengthened it.

In particular, we would like you to tell us what you think our commitments on how we provide support in domestic abuse situations, the actions we will take, how we work with partners and how we communicate awareness of the issues and support available.

Before completing the survey, have a read through the full policy document on this page.


Recent Consultations

  • Pets Policy
  • Discretionary Allocation Policy
  • Home Release Policy
  • Rechargeable Repairs Policy
  • Crowding and Space Hazards Policy
  • Grounds Maintenance and Garden Maintenance Scheme
  • Domestic Abuse Policy

The final policies and reports for all consultations can be found in the papers for our Operational Board, available on our Committee Meeting Information Site. We also report on the outcomes of consultations in our newsletter.

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