Operational Board

The Operational Board is made up of

  • 3 Derby Homes main Board Members
  • 6 Tenant Members
  • 1 Honorary Tenant Member
  • 1 Leaseholder Member
  • 1 Derby Association of Community Partners (DACP) Representative
  • 1 Derby Homes Youth Board Representative 

They meet once every two months to make decisions about the services provided by Derby Homes. 


Main Board Members

Bob MacDonald - Tenant Board Member

Jsan Shepherd - Independent Board Member

Paul Bayliss - Councillor Board Member

Tenant Members


Anna Skrobisz

Jim Elks


Samantha Hudson

Richard Bruford


Andrew Beresford

 Elastus Mwaba

Leaseholder Member


Tony Holme


Dennis Rees OBE
(Honorary Member)