Sinfin - Kestrel House

Kestrel House, Sinfin Moor, DE24 3DD

Kestrel House Community Room is located in Sinfin at the of the cul-de-sac Osprey Close which leads off Deep Dale Lane.  Kestrel house is a block of our residental flats and the Community Room is within it  on the ground floor. 

There is  fully functioning kitchen and disabled access toliets. 

There is a lot of availability for new bookings here and we are always encouraging the local community to make use of the room.

Do you have any ideas for new activities or events?

If so, please get in touch with the Customer Engagement Team. 

Maximum Capacity 



Disabled access toliet


Touchscreen tablet

Six ring electric cooker



Parking restrictions 

None- but respect that spaces in the small car park are prioritised for residents and their visitors so please park on the nearby road when appropriate