Derby Homes is an Arm’s Length Management Organisation owned by Derby City Council.

Derby Homes manage a portfolio of domestic housing stock currently standing at approximately 13,500 dwellings. The properties are owned by a number of different clients but the majority are owned by Derby City Council.

Derby Homes has a policy of increasing its portfolio where it is able to do so. Both Derby Homes and Derby City Council have a goal of providing high quality domestic social housing within the City.

Derby Homes currently manage the maintenance of Derby City Council’s public buildings which include such buildings as libraries, schools, museums, art galleries along with other buildings for general public use.

Derby Homes has its own directly employed workforce and aims to carry out as much work as possible using this workforce. This includes work required to maintain and improve the stock it is responsible for managing.

The provision of training and employment opportunities is embedded within Derby Homes Business Plan. Our strategy is to develop opportunities which are targeted at our tenants or members of their families to increase employment on and the sustainability of our estates.

Our Apprenticeship scheme was launched in 2013. This comprehensive and successful apprentice scheme has been developed in partnership with a local learning provider to deliver up to 30 level 2 and 3 apprenticeships across a range of trades.

The long term objective is to provide our Apprentices with transportable qualifications and work experience to help them achieve a future career with us or with another employer.