Gender Pay Gap

Women's Hourly Rate 

8% 18%
Lower Lower
(mean) (median)

Pay Quartile

Top quartile

67% 33%
Men Women

Upper middle quartile

76% 24%
Men Women

Lower Middle Quartile

45% 55%
Men Women

Lower Quartile

41% 59%
Men Women

Bonus Pay

No Bonus Paid

Derby Homes’ statement on the gender pay gap for April 2017

Derby Homes pays men and women equally for the same role. Our headline figure is that our overall average hourly pay for women is 8% less than for men. To a large extent this gap exists as a result of our maintenance team taken on from Derby City Council in 2010, where the workforce is predominantly male and is paid a higher rate than for many housing management roles where there are a majority of female employees. If maintenance is excluded from the figures, the pay gap for the rest of the company falls to 2% or 30 pence an hour. 

mike ainsley

I confirm that the figures published are accurate. 

Mike Ainsley

Director and Chair of Derby Homes 
th March 2018