Derby Homes Development Sites

B‌eaufort Street Business Centre, Derwent

Site secured for future affordable housing development

Feasibility: Approx. 30 dwellings in medium to long term (following completion of Our City Our River works) around 2021/23

Transfer date: 23 July 2018

Status: Demolition in progress (Started 28 January 2019)


Following transfer of the site from Derby City Council to Derby Homes, a contractor will commence demolition of the Business Centre Buildings. Initial visits are likely to be within a few days of transfer. Demolition will also involve demolishing/removal of the foundations. The buildings will be carefully demolished in stages, with an initial strip of any materials that can be recycled, the building itself will then be crushed on site and recycled as hardcore for the new roads and foundations. We will keep noise and mess to a minimum and respect the neighbouring community.

Working hours: 8AM – 5PM Monday to Friday

Security and Supervision

The site will be manned 24/7 with contractors and overnight/over weekend security until the business centre and its foundations have been removed. This will be reviewed once the site is clear. Following demolition, the site will be levelled and hoarding signage will provide essential site information. The entire area will be fenced off, made safe and secured to prevent unauthorised access and to minimise the attraction of nuisance behaviour. The area will also have regular supervision from Derby Homes’ staff.

There is a site manager during working hours (8AM to 4:30PM) whom residents can talk to if they have any concerns.

Communicating with the community

We will be contacting residents likely to be directly affected by the demolition and ongoing management of the site. We will also be working with the local community to involve them in the management and longer term planning of the site.

Contacts (routine enquiries)

01332 888 777 (urgent enquiries)

Monday to Friday – 8am to 5pm

01332 642202 (Out of hours emergencies only)

Local Derwent Councillor details

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Compliance with Contract and Financial Procedure Rules (Council Cabinet, 13 June 2018)