Join our board

When you become a member of our Board or Operational Board, you are expected to attend meetings and be active in how Derby Homes is being run.

The main Board meets every two months; the Operational Board every three months. These meetings are held in the evenings, usually on the last Thursday of the month and typically last around two hours.

Prior to the meeting, you will receive a copy of the Board papers, made up of various reports, performance statistics, and supporting information. You will need to read these and make note of anything important. During the meeting you might be asked to vote on various items, so you'll need to be aware of all the relevant information. If you have a question about something on the agenda, you can raise it with the chair, and it will be debated during the meeting.

All our meetings are held at London Road and over Microsoft Teams. 

When you become a Board member, you will serve for up to three years. When your term is up, you can reapply if you wish.


There are a few criteria to meet in order to join our Board or Operational Board.

You don’t need any qualifications, special knowledge or previous experience, but you should be enthusiastic, able to express your point of view and committed to improving the services Derby Homes delivers to all its customers. You will be expected to contribute from your particular skills and experience to help the Board come to the best decisions. This will involve a commitment to attend Board (and other) meetings and training sessions.  

To join our main Board

The Board of Derby Homes is composed of three tenant members, three council members and three independent members. 

You can apply to join as a tenant member if you are a current Derby Homes or Derby City Council tenant, or the family member of one. It doesn't matter how long you've lived in your property. Leaseholders are also entitled to apply as a tenant member. 

To apply as an independent member of our Board you cannot be an employee of Derby Homes, a tenant of Derby Homes or Derby City Council, or a Member of Derby City Council.

To join our Operational Board

The Operational Board is made up of three main Board Members, six additional tenants, one honorary tenant, one leaseholder, one Derby Association of Community Partners (DACP) representative and one Youth Board representative.

To apply as a tenant member, you must be a current Derby Homes' tenant or leaseholder, or the family member of one. It doesn't matter how long you've lived in your property. 

Disqualifying criteria

You will not be eligible to join either Board if you (or your family member) are more than two months in arrears with any rent, service charge or other payment to Derby City Council or Derby Homes.

If you are the family member of a tenant, you need to be over 18 and have lived with your relative for 12 months before you can apply.

You will need to declare any potential conflicts of interest during the application process; you may not be eligible to apply if there is a major conflict of interest, but we will discuss these with you.

We provide all our Board members with ongoing training, as well as a Derby Homes laptop to ensure you can attend meetings virtually.

Board Members are unpaid, but certain roles (Chair, Vice Chair, Committee Chairs) are paid an allowance.

Reasonable travel expenses are payable for company duties, including travelling to official meetings. Support with carers costs is also available.